Finding the Right Homeschool Curriculum

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Choosing to homeschool your child is a big decision that carries with it a lot of smaller decisions to make. One of the most important decisions you have to make is which homeschool curriculum to use. When it comes to fining the right one for you and your child, there are several factors to consider. Here are a few popular curriculums for you to consider.

A Beka Book

The A Beka Book curriculum is one of the more popular options available in the homeschooling world. This curriculum is extremely detailed for the teacher and is perfect for parents who do not know how to teach their children or feel overwhelmed by the thought of doing so. There are many notes and references available for both the teacher and the student. They utilize a lot of repetition and drilling down to the smallest details in subjects. This type of curriculum is similar to the same ones that traditional schools use with many lessons, exercises and tests. If you are looking for something that doesn’t involve as much seat work for kids, then this curriculum probably isn’t for you. It is heavily focused on exercises and exams.

Robinson Curriculum

Another option that you might want to consider is the Robinson Curriculum. This curriculum places a large emphasis on self-teaching and self-discipline. The parent is the facilitator and ensures that the child has the resources they need and enforces the rules. Besides that, the student is in charge of learning and making sure they understand the concepts. The three primary components of this curriculum are reading, writing, and math. The student reads for two hours a day books from a predetermined reading list. The reading content is high quality for the age level and is designed to teach students history, science, and other content. This curriculum encourages children to love learning and is designed to encourage continued learning later in life. All of the books are available to print off from the curriculum disks or the books can be purchased.

Ron Paul Curriculum

The Ron Paul Curriculum is another option to consider that teaches students about topics that they would otherwise not be able to learn in public schools. The course, which is geared toward liberty lovers, teaches on subjects like personal finance, saving money, starting a business, and making websites. Your child will get an in depth study of economics and history as well. This curriculum is largely taught via online videos, with over 8000 unique videos produced for the course.

Overall, choosing a homeschool curriculum can be a challenge with so many factors to consider. However, the fact that you care enough about your child to consider homeschooling them means that you will not take the decision lightly.

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